Hi, my name's Diana and I am a fabricoholic.

It all started at an early age: my Mum showed me how to use her sewing machine so I could make dolls clothes out of her colourful scraps of material - pretty soon, I was tie dying t-shirts and making groovy colourful shorts as a teenager. While my friends were studying commerce or marketing, I studied Textiles and majored in screen printing and design - I loved every minute of it!.

In my mid 20's I packed my bags for London, and from then on my fabric & textile shopping started and my collection grew. As I travelled around Europe I found myself being drawn to many textile & fabric shops and weekend markets where I could pick up pieces of traditional fabric from that country. Pretty soon, my backpack was bursting at the seams, full of Art books from all of the galleries and museums I had visited plus all the pieces of fabric I had collected.

In 1996 I travelled to South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland, and Oh my god, did I fall in love with traditional wax printed African fabrics. I purchased dozens of exquisite pieces from markets in Manzini, Maputo and Mpumalanga, each of them telling a story of the local people and their rich culture. My collection of stunning, bright and colourful designs was growing and so was my passion to collect more and more. Living around Asia meant I could haggle my way through the markets in Beijing, Shangai, Denpasar, Bangkok, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh and Singapore to spice up my collection. If you're also a fabricoholic, you know that the cravings never stop.

I've always had the dream to start a Fabric shop, where I could share with others some of the amazing creations I've discovered on my travels. With fabricsociety.com.au I hope to be able to connect with people from all over the world who would otherwise never be able to visit a little shop on a side street in a small town in Australia. And when you buy from my shop, you'll be supporting the ordinary people around the world who produce these extraordinary handicrafts.